Lex Medina

Major: Molecular Biology

Year in School: Graduate student

Year in the House: 1st

Hometown: Naranjal, Guayas, Ecuador

Favorite Hobby: Mountain biking, jogging in nature, and watching movies

Favorite House Meal: Poppy seed chicken and ranch casserole

Future Plans: Continue with my graduate studies in Molecular Virology and Vaccinology and work with infection diseases.



First of all, I am from Ecuador and it is my first time completely living abroad. I found Madison and the U.S.A. in general a great place to live, and especially to study. For the moment, I am an international or exchange scientist with a molecular virology specialization. My duties include laboratory and animal studies to test and evaluate new vaccines. I plan to attend to the Comparative Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program at the UW-Madison. I chose to live in Babcock because of the proximity to Hanson Lab and to learn the American culture.